the product

SmartPot is the answer to every plant lover’s dreams. You can monitor the temperature, the luminosity and also the air or soil humidity. If you wish, you can control them from your smartphone or you can let the pot take care of everything and just enjoy the results.

Light sensor
Temperature & humidity sensor
Soil moisture sensor
water tank sensor

how it works

SmartPot allows you to grow even the most pretentious species of plants.
The pot has sensors that monitor the parameters inside the container. If you set the auto-mode, SmartPot modifies the environment making decisions based on the plant’s species and the output of the sensors. If you choose the manual mode you can see in the application the state of the plant and you can configure the parameters yourself.

Download the App

Download the specific application for your phone and unpack the SmartPot.

Configure it

Place your plant in the pot. Now insert the code written on the exterior of the pot and the plant’s species into the App.

Yay! Done.

Congratulations! You now have a fully functional SmartPot which is taking care of your favorite plant.

The Benefits

Enjoy the beautiful plants in your apartment or on your terrace without having to worry daily about their wellbeing. Leave them unattended for weeks and come back to find them even better looking.

Worldwide access

The SmartPot can be accessed from anywhere in the world by simply opening the SmartPot App

Temperature control

The device offers real time information about the temperature inside the dome so you can change it whenever you want

Soil moisture control

The humidity of the soil is monitored separately for more accurate insight and can also be modified without affecting the humidity of the air

Luminosity monitorization

The light a plant receives is very important for its development and the app offers recommendations about the placement of the pot

Ambiental humidity control

The humidity of the air is constantly observed and can be modified using a sprinkler situated on the top of the dome

Water refuel notification

On auto mode the only involvement SmartPot needs from its owner is water refill so the application will notify the user when the tank is almost empty.

Sealed environment

The sealed compartment can be exposed to any environment because it is waterproof. The electronic components inside are safely placed inside a waterproofed module

Designed for you

The application requires no previous knowledge of plant growing. It can be ran autonomous by someone who only wants to see the results or it can be a tool for someone who wants to be part of the process

Modular and simple

The product has a modular design that makes its maintenance simple and pleasant. The design is more than a visual attribute

One application, tons of plants

All your SmartPots are integrated in the same interface. Just open the app and evaluate the status of all your plants

Real-time commands

For the plant lovers, SmartPot offers manual mode which permits the user to control all the pot's features instantly

Automatic reconnect

In case of a power outage or a network disconnection the device will manage the reconnection and set up by itself

Mobile Apps

The SmartPot comes with a stylish application which lets you monitor or control the pot features remotely from anywhere your phone has Internet access.

Soon on AppStore and Android Market


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

Can I fill the water tank and leave for more than a few days?

Of course! The main utility of our product is to make you worry free while away in holidays so the tank will provide water for up to 30 days.

Do I need botanical background to use it?

Not at all! The only thing you will need to know about your plant is its species. The rest is managed by the pot itself.

Can I modify the parameters even if I am not at home?

Absolutely. Through our smartphone App you can monitor and control your SmartPot from anywhere in the world (as long as your phone is connected to the Internet).

For how long can I leave the pot unattended?

The water tank was designed to last 30 days or more depending on the actual plant species placed inside the pot.

Lesson one: No project is perfect from the very beginning

We have dedicated a lot of time into foreseeing and preventing any displeasure, but also into maximising the efficiency (even at the smallest level). Attention to details is key, and although we considered this design extremely appealing, after closer observation we concluded that the optimal position of the sprinkler is in the centre of the dome.

Lesson two: Taking into consideration the feedback is the key to success

The second design was considered by the engineers in us a great choice, but the general feedback received was that the sharp edges do not fit well in the mindset of a plant lover and that the design would contrast with the nurturing nature it should have.

meet the team

We are a small group of computer science, robotics and electronics students with different backgrounds on a mission.

Michel Cojocaru

Co-Founder & CEO

Andrei Stoia

Co-Founder & CTO

Alina Nechifor

Lead of Embedded Electronics

Mircea Olaru

3D Designer & Prototyper


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

10 dec 2016

Research and Development

11 apr 2017

3D Prototype & Testing

24 may 2017

Preview at InnovationLabs

aug 2017

Croudfunding Campaign

To be determined if we will choose other investment means.

dec 2017

Testing Pre-Production Samples

may 2018

Mass Production


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